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Historical Timeline

james mcalpine
1932 James McAlpine commenced business ...
1935 James S McAlpine Ltd registered as a company.
1937 Started building ice creamcabinets and built the first
refrigerated icecream transport outside of the US.
1939 Supplied icecream cabinets and churns to make ice cream to
HMS Leander and HMS Achilles.
1944 Built Coolrooms which were dropped by paracute to American Forces in the Islands.
1947 Production line reached 100 units for domestic refrigerators/freezers.
1948 Started importing Prestcold refrierators and freezers into New Zealand to assemble.
1950 Built Walls Road, Penrose factory.
1953 Received order from NZ Dairy Co-op for 1000 x Ice Bank Chillers for use in the Waikato.
1954 Installed first Supermarket type cabinets in New Zealand for Milne & Choyce.
1955 Obtained franchise to build American designed supermarket cabinets.
1956 Installed first open display cabinets in New Zealand for pre-packed meats for Bob Foreshaw.
1957 Commenced manufacture of a complete range of supermarket cabinets for the first "Foodtown" supermarket at Otahuhu.
1961 James S McAlpine died.
1969 Commenced exporting domestic freezers to GE Australia.
1970 First involvement with Container shipping, supply 185 clip-on refrigerated units to Australia. McAlpine becomes the only refrigeration company in New Zealand to obtrain the "Lloyds" Certificate of Approval for Refrigeration Machines for Use with Freight Containers.
1973 Purchased Snowline Industries Christchurch and commenced manufacture of American
"Tyler" supermarket cabinets.
1975 Became NZ franchisee of Kysor Warren.
1982 Laundry appliances added to the Prestcold appliance range
1984 Commenced manufacture of all Email brand shipping refrigeration for worldwide distribution
1985 Celebrated 50 Year Anniversay!
1993 Opened office in Australia.
1994 Negotiated initial distribution and marketing agreement with Hussmann Corporation
encompassing Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands.
1995 Hoverd Industries, Contract Refrigeration and McAlpine Industries merge to become

McAlpine Refrigeration.

1995 Purpose built factory in Tauranga completed
1996 New offices and warehouse completed in Penrose, Auckland
1996 McAlpine Refrigeration and Triangle Refrigeration Aust merge to form McAlpine Triangle Pty.

McAlpine Triangle purchased by Hussmann Corporation St Louis, USA. Name changed to
McAlpine Hussmann.

2000 Hussmann Corporation (including McAlpine Hussmann) purchased by Ingersoll Rand USA.
2005 Completed first Collatorative Working Arrangement (CWA) project in NZ building industry
at Auckland Regional Womens' Correctional Facility.
2006 First CO2 Refrigeration supermarket completed in New Zealand - Pak'N Save Wainoni.
2011 Clayton, Dubilliers & Rice, USA purchased 60% of Hussmann Inc.
2014 McAlpine moved from the original Penrose Head Office location to new premises at
Mt Wellington
2016 Hussmann Corporation was acquired by Panasonic Corporation on 1st April 2016.