Delivering Excellence in Climate Control Solutions

Comprehensive Package

The Comprehensive Package is the ultimate maintenance programme based on a true business partnership that puts your assets and operations at the forefront. Using specified maintenance plans to ensure pre-emptive early diagnosis of equipment failures, minimising disturbance to your store operations and taking the headache out of budgeting for and managing your assets.

What's Included

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Full plant leak test
  • Dial in Technical support
  • Case Cleaning
  • KPI Performance assurance
  • Refrigerant management/reporting
  • Dedicated client manager
  • Monthly review meeting
  • Asset reporting
  • Annual equipment condiiton


  • Assured budget and simplified invoicing
  • Assistance with design/build requirements
  • 24/7 Technical service support
  • Measured results of service compliance. You know how we are performing
  • Faster fault diagnosis with dial-in technology and reduced call out costs
  • Potential energy savings measured
  • Full partnership in operating your Refrigeration/HVAC
  • Asset information reporting assisting you in capital planning
  • Estimated 20% to 30% cost savings on reactive service