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Hussmann EcoShine II LED Lighting

Create exceptional displays throughout every department with bright, vibrant colors that attract shoppers. LED lights are customized with the flexibility to create dramatic visual impact in every food category: meat, produce, dairy, seafood, specialty, frozen and more.

EcoShine II Plus benefits for retailers:

  • Improved color rendering for even greater visual impact in each food category
  • Increased energy efficiencies
  • Custom designed for optimal visual appeal in every department
  • Shelf and rail lights are IP 67 rated and can be sprayed with water
  • Available for in-store upgrades or in new equipment

For every store format and every case, EcoShine II has a lighting solution that will bring your merchandising to life. Click on categories below to see the advantages of EcoShine II.

Other LED Lighting

As well as the Hussmann EcoShine lighting, we also supply the following:
  • Bright Light ProLine
  • Nualight
  • Philips