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LED vs Fluorescent

The debate is over! Retail food industry leaders now clearly see the value of converting all new and existing store display cases to LED lighting. Reasons for this sweeping change throughout the industry are shown below.



EcoShine II LED Lighting

Energy Efficiency Fluorescents are less energy efficient than LEDs EcoShine II LEDs use 31-71% less energy than fluorescents

Heat in Case Fluorescents add more heat to the display case which degrades product quality Helps reduce rise in product temperatures

Environmental Impact In addition to greater energy use, Fluorescents contain mercury, an environmental hazard LEDs contain no mercury and use less energy

Light Life Expected life 2 years Expected life 5-7 years

Fragility The fluorescent tube is fragile and easily broken, a serious concern in a food environment EcoShine II LEDs are far less susceptible to breakage

Relamping Fluorescents require relamping every 2 years. This is both a bulb and labor cost EcoShine II should last at least 5-7 years

Size of Light Source Fluorescents have a large, bulky lightsource EcoShine II LEDs have a very small, compact light source

Light Source Visibility Due to their size, fluorescents are often visible to shoppers, creating a visual distraction EcoShine II LEDs are normally invisible to shoppers. Compact size keeps fixture concealed
Brightness Fluorescents are bright, but light cannot be easily directed EcoShine II LEDs provide excellent brightness and color rendering, and light can be focused on the display
Light Distribution Fluorescent light is emitted evenly from the bulb, but it is difficult to focus it across the product display EcoShine II lights are precisely directed for even distribution across product facings