Delivering Excellence in Climate Control Solutions

Commercial Refrigeration

With over 85 years’ experience in the Commercial Refrigeration sector we combine our experience, size and expertise to ensure that we can bring to you an end to end solution for all your commercial refrigeration needs.  From the design and engineering, through the supply and installation of products and systems and the ongoing service and maintenance we provide a “turn key” approach refrigeration requirements for its entire lifecycle.

Our people are what makes the difference; their experience and expertise combine to give you the confidence that you are entrusting your refrigeration needs to New Zealand’s leading Commercial Refrigeration company.

Our products and technologies are sourced locally and internationally bringing the best that the world has to offer to ensure the best outcome for our customers.  Through our parent Hussmann, we have access to products from all of their manufacturing facilities.  Additionally, we are one of very few companies that continue to manufacture locally, with our range of specialty cases, as well as rack systems.

We also provide installation, service, maintenance and aftermarket parts through our extensive service organization.

Display merchandisers for supermarkets are a central part of our product line. We supply both standard and custom display fixtures for all the perishable departments in a supermarket, including dairy, produce, meat, frozen food, bakery,and specialty departments, and we also sell an assortment of display cases to convenience stores, specialty shops, restaurants, cafeterias and other food outlets.

We also manufacture refrigeration systems for our display cases, walk-in coolers, and other applications. McAlpine Hussmann refrigeration systems include large parallel racks conventional condensing units and large refrigeration houses mounted outside or inside the store.